Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Obama care has done for me


My son was diagnosed with autism at 18 months of age. Obamacare prevented him from having his treatment denied, or worse, being dropped alltogether from my coverage on the grounds of having a pre-existing condition. (He's fine now, incidentally. We caught it early, and after a year's worth of dietary therapy and expensive 1-on-1 treatment, he no longer meets any criteria for an autism diagnosis. He's for all intents and purposes, a completely normal toddler again. If you saw him, you'd never know.)

This legislation gave my son his life back, and helped my family kick the living shit out of a condition that destroys everything from children, to finances, to marriages. It even protected my neighbors property values -- We were prepared at one point to sell our home and move somewhere cheaper in order to afford his treatment. We would have had to sell our home at a huge loss, go into debt, and bring down our neighbor's property values as a result. Even marriages. The data shows that the failure rate of marriages involving the diagnosis of autism in a child is about 80%... That, and costs involved in treatment can easily exceed $1M over a lifetime. Money that YOU and everyone else reading this would have to shoulder if we couldn't cover it ourselves. )

So. Care to guess how i'm voting in '12?

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